TRIO Student Support Services Scholarship

Current TRIO Student Support Services students are welcome to apply for this scholarship.

Application requirements are as follows:

  • Applicants must be active members of the TRIO SSS program by completing their 3-2-1 requirements for the Spring 2024 semester.
  • Applicants must be Pell Grant eligible and be able to demonstrate financial need.
  • Applicants must be in good academic standing (GPA above 2.0) with priority given to students with GPA of 2.5 and above.

Applicants must also complete 3 short answer essays and 2 financial literacy assignments in Pathful Explore (look in the TRIO Groupme for how to access Pathful Explore if needed!).

**If you would like to apply to join the TRIO SSS program you can go to to access our application. Now accepting applications for the Fall 2024 semester!

TRIO Student Support Services
Supplemental Questions
  1. Were you 3-2-1 complete for the Fall 2023 semester?
  2. This section is short answer essays. Please thoughtfully answer each question with at least 200 words.
    • Describe a challenge you have faced and how you worked through it.
    • If you are awarded this scholarship, how will it contribute to your success as a student?
    • What is one piece of advice or something you have learned that you would share with other TRIO SSS students as they navigate the college experience?
  3. Applicants must complete the "Intro to Personal Finance Literacy" and "Financial Goal Setting" assignments in Pathful Explore. If you are unsure how to access Pathful Explore please look in the TRIO SSS Canvas page or the pinned message in the TRIO SSS Groupme.
    • Have you completed the required assignments?
    • Please upload a screen shot of confirmation that you've completed the Financial Goal Setting assignment.
    • Please upload a screen shot of confirmation that you've completed the Intro to Personal Finance Literacy assignment.