Alvarez Fellows Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Alvarez Fellowship is a 2.5-year program designed to cultivate research interest and instill research acumen in outstanding undergraduate students in the Carlos Alvarez College of Business. Alvarez Fellows will learn about the nature and scope of research conducted in a variety of business disciplines and participate in experiential learning activities. First, students study research methods as part of a three-course sequence that results in a business research competency. Working with faculty mentors, the students will also execute a personal research project with the goal of writing and submitting a paper to a peer-reviewed journal or academic conference. Fellows are awarded up to $5,000 stipend each long semester of the program and are renewable for up to 2.5 years contingent upon meeting program expectations.

Varies - Up to $5,000 stipend each long semester of the program; renewable for up to 2.5 years
Carlos Alvarez College of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. UTSA Biographical Information
    • 1. Where were you born? Please include city and state, or country.
    • 2. Provide the best contact number.
    • 3. Enter your email address.
    • 4. Provide your full address. Provide street address, city, state and zip code.
    • 5. What will your classification be in Fall 2024?
    • 6. What is your declared major at UTSA? If you have not declared a major, what is your area of academic interest?
    • 7. What is your declared Minor/Concentration? If none, type "none" or "N/A".
    • 8a. What high school did you attend?
    • 8b. When did you graduate from high school? Provide month and year.
    • 9. What is your expected college graduation date? Provide month and year.
    • What is your myUTSA ID (example: abc123)?
  2. Describe any personal, professional, or educational experiences or situations that have contributed to your desire to pursue business research (300 words maximum).
  3. Describe any research or research-related activities in which you have participated, such as experience in undergraduate research programs, or research experience gained through summer or part-time employment or in work-study programs, or other research activities, either academic or job-related. Explain the purpose of the research and your specific role in the research, including the extent to which you worked independently and/or as part of a team, and what you learned from your research. If you have no direct research experience, describe any activities that you believe have prepared you to undertake research. (300 words maximum).
  4. Describe one or two research topics you may pursue during the Alvarez Fellows Program and include how you became interested in these topics. (300 words maximum).
  5. Upload a copy of your resume or CV.