Larami Serrano Scholarship for Future Counselors

The Larami Scholarship for Future Counselors is generously offered by Larami and Shea Serrano to support one student annually who is actively pursuing a degree to become a counselor. The amount of $5,000 will be awarded to one student who meets the qualifications listed herein. Student must be actively pursuing a degree to become a counselor, and be be enrolled at least three-quarter time as determined by the University (except in the case when the student is not required to take a full course load to graduate, provided the student is enrolled a minimum of half-time). The student must alo meet at least one of the following criteria: first generation college student; identifies as an orphan/ward of the state, emancipated minor, under legal guardianship, unaccompanied youth, are or has been at risk of homelessness, or has a history of foster care; a student who qualified for free or reduced school lunch; a student who is a single parent; and/or a student who works part-time to finance their education.

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Supplemental Questions
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