ROTC Scholarship

• Proof of signed program contract must be verified
• Cannot not be on a full 100% ROTC scholarship
• Must achieve and maintain a cumulative UTSA GPA of a 2.50 or higher as undergraduate and achieve and maintain a cumulative UTSA GPA of 3.0 as a graduate student
• Must be enrolled full-time in the semester(s) you receive the scholarship
• Must have filled out a FASFA
• Must be actively pursuing an undergraduate degree or pursuing graduate degree at UTSA
• Must have completed at least one full semester at UTSA

Veteran and Military Affairs
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload proof of signed program contract
  2. • In 750-1000 words, Learning in any setting involves developing both one’s knowledge as well as one’s mindset. Not all lessons come easily, and it is often those which present the highest hurdles that can help us most to develop. Reflect on a lesson you had to learn or a skill you were attempting to master either in or out of a classroom setting that may not have come easily to you. Identify what made the knowledge or skill you were seeking to acquire so important to you that you continued learning despite any adversities you encountered. Describe what made learning that knowledge or mastering that skill so difficult for you. Explain how learning in that setting helped you to develop a growth mindset and provide examples of some of the techniques or strategies that you developed to help you learn.   
  3. Thank You Letter: Write a thank you letter (200-300 words maximum) to the donor of this scholarship that addresses why you are grateful for this support. This is an important step as it personalizes the scholarship award process and helps reassure our donors that their generous gifts are appreciated.

    Click here to view Thank You Guidelines and Examples.